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February Lesson Plan 2017
The theme for the month will be:  “presidents”, “leaders”, “love”
The colors for the month: “pink” and “purple”
The poem/ songs to be memorized will be: “February”, “Winter”
The shape for the month are: heart, rectangle, circle
The primary motor skills for the month: Work on tracing and cutting out shapes of this month.  Also work on following up on lessons from January.
D’Nealian Printing and Experience Story:  Work on story of who, or what we love/like that is in our life.  Also have them think of what a leader is and what do they do.  Focus on how a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.  Have children work on tracing their name.  Pre-K will also work on writing their name and writing their sentence story of what they love/like.
Pre-reading Skills/ Phonics: -ike family (like, bike, tike, mike, hike) Introduce vowels and work on the sounds they make.
Math concepts:  Introduce money: coins and dollars.  Work on counting different coins and dollar amounts.  Work on counting how many sides different shapes have.
The Spanish words for the month are: Review weather. 
Add phrases:
Me encanta= I love
Me no encanta= I do not love
Nos encanta= We love
Nos no encanta= We do not love. 
The Science concept for the month is: weather: focus on tornadoes and what they are.  Also focus on the heart (where it is located in the body, what it does, and how important it is.) There is a science book that has a bunch of ideas on science projects dealing with weather and the physical body. Located in the staff room.
The Social Studies Concept of the month is: Colonial times/ the time period of the first presidents of the United States.  Also discuss leader/leadership. What a leader is, who they are, what they do, what makes a good leader, and how they should act?
The Cooking Project for the month will be: Making cookie or cupcakes to share at the Valentine’s Day Party.  We have a tornado design to decorate the cookies or cupcakes.
The primary art project will be: Painting with colors of the month and art work with hearts.  Have children make bags to hold their Valentine Cards in.  Have children design their own money. 
Sparks: Work on activities of follow the lead/ leadership (Ex. Simon Says.)  Also follow up on any activities you have done with the children.
Work-Jobs for the month: Have them work with the water activities of pouring and also the dry activity for pouring.
The Valentine’s Party will be on Tuesday, February 14th , 2016 it will be at 10:00am for preschoolers.  They will enjoy the treats they made and brought from home.  After the treats every child should pass out their cards one at a time, they should make every effort to read the names that are printed on the cards.  The children will keep the cards in the bag or box they have made.  The Schoolagers will have their party at 3:30 when they are all back from school.  They will eat treats that they made with their class and brought from home and then one at a time pass out their Valentine Cards.

February 1st-14th focus on Valentine Activities
February 15th-28th focus on Leadership and Presidents

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